Home Safety Assessment

How Safe is Your Home?

For your safety and convenience we have published a home safety self-assessment. Although, if you’re a member you will not have to worry about your home’s safety because our nurses routinely monitor for potential risks and implement solutions if needed.

General Living Area

  1. Do telephones work and are emergency numbers clearly visible?
  2. Are there no frayed electrical cords or overloaded outlets?
  3. Are the entryways, hallways and pathways uncluttered? Are there no loose rugs or runners?
  4. Is the lighting bright enough for walking safely, cooking, bathing, and other tasks?
  5. Does the resident know how to operate their personal emergency system and wear the corresponding pendant?
  6. Can the resident adjust the temperature and ventilation?
  7. Does the resident know how to reach help for maintenance issues that can pose hazards, such as spills, pests or leaks?


  1. Is the bathroom safe and equipped with adaptations if needed? These include raised toilet seats and tub/shower chairs.
  2. Can the resident get into/out of the shower safely and do they feel secure standing in the shower?
  3. Can the resident regulate tub and sink controls?


  1. Does the resident have a phone and flashlight next to their bed?


  1. Is the kitchen safe for preparing meals and snacks; all appliances work?
  2. Are regularly used items within easy reach?
  3. Are towels not too close to cooking areas?
  4. Are the counter tops clean?
  5. Is the refrigerator clean and without any spoiled food?
  6. Are cleaning supplies placed where the resident can reach them, but where small children cannot? Are they not stored with food items?
  7. Is emergency information up-to-date and posted on the refrigerator?


  1. Are medicines clearly labeled and placed where the resident can reach them, but where small children cannot?
  2. Does the resident understands how and when to take medications?
  3. If the resident requires oxygen, is the tubing not a tripping hazard?
  4. Does the resident knows which medications might make them sleepy or dizzy?